Monday, February 4, 2013

My First Blog

Hello, my fellow bloggers!

My name is Amnesia flower.

I am just a normal person. sorry but I cant give you any well... personals right now...
So!How ya doing!This is sort of fun, just being able to tell people about myself. I just like expressing myself like any normal Girl.

My Information...

Well to start I am going to state that almost ALL my information is false so I can be protected from any figuring out who I am.  But I could be any one. I could even be your best friend!

Well my life is not all secret...

Because I will consider you ALL my friends. Some may say that i have not yet faced the hostilities of the world. But I am myself and that's all that matters.This is information that you will all find out in time. So... Here is some of my information. (this part is not affected by the earlier statement about my information being false.) This is actually a big secret for me. I am a legend of Zelda fan.  Watch Olizandri's video (posted here). This is why I am a zelda fan.
Olizandri's EPIC lets play (do not continue on blog until finished this video and maybe more.)

THIS GUY IS HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Have more secrets...

I'm not sure if I am ready to share them yet. Lets just say i'm not he strongest girl you would ever meet. (I mean that physically and mentally) 

Bracelets , Camp , Olizandri , what more am I doing?

Well to explain that heading, I am selling Kumihimo (kumihimo on wikipedia ) Braclets to go to my $500.00 DREAM camp.

Oh... I have to go... Night fellow bloggers!

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  1. hi amnesia!!!!!!!!!!!! it s your fan! FUZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!