Monday, February 11, 2013


Hey guys!VIDEO!

this is one of my friends. Oh and If you send me a Email


with a video on it I may put it on my blog!

heres an olizandri!


I watch olizandri's videos every day! I only posted this for the video. BYE!!!!!

Friday, February 8, 2013



(hey Suki)

Hey guys! PICTURE!

My friend Suki Larson is ckecking out my blog today! Also, you know that olizandri guy?

I left a comment on his video saying "Hey Sam! (oliz) Amazing video as

 always! Even though I know there have probaly been a lot

 of lets play suggestions, Could you possibly do the new 

Zelda when comes out? (please respond.)" and then he 

replied to my comment! it said "I will of course be doing the 

new new Zelda for Wii U on release! But thats not until 2014 ;)"

My friend Suki would absolutely FLIP if she saw this!

here is a link to olizandri's video which was the scene of  this abnormality

here is how you view this abnormality

1. Log into youtube

2. get on this video

3. scroll down under the description to get to uploader comments

4. Read the abnormality

5. post a comment saying ABNORMALITY

6. Give him a link to this blog.

got that?
here I will repeat it

1. Log into youtube

2. get on this video

3. scroll down under the description to get to uploader comments

4. Read the abnormality

5. post a comment saying ABNORMALITY

6. Give him a link to this blog.

I also have some bad news.

The bad news is I lost a best friend a few days ago. Her name was Emily leon
How could someone become un-friends with someone as cute and love-able as myself!?!?!?



ok maybe this isnt me...
yah... I miss having her as my best friend...


suki. this is how to dance.

this is what to do if you die

What was I thinking!

DANCE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yah... I dont know I posted that. hey if any one can either dance like that or do the panda, POST A LINK ON HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yah. I have to go so... Comment on my video and Buy some braclets!

GOOD  BYE YOU CRAZY PEOPLES!!!!!!!! YOU  CAN DO IT MR. PANDA!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP DANCING DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

I Have A Idea!

Yes, as stated in the sub-heading, I Amnesia Flower, Has an idea. At the beggining of every NEW post, I will have a picture. Is that a good idea? Please post a comment. I read every comment that is in my blog.
So... Moving on...

My friends...

I have a lot of friends. Here are there names.
  • Suki Larson
  • Meagan Donegal (nicknamed  Morag)
  • Kat peringer
  • Emma ducile
  • Taylor donoldson (Kats Boyfriend)
  • Tyrell Davidson (Suki's Boyfriend)
  • Kyle Larson (Suki's Brother)
  • Angela Donegal (Morag's sister)
  • Luke peringer (Kat's Brother)
  • Sir Fuzzy Butt (my Sister)
Man, I have a lot of friends.


Yes I sell Bracelets for money so I can go to camp.I want to go to Shoshone Ranch Camp. Here's a link to the home page.Camp.I sell my Bracelets for...

  • Small 4 strand is $2.00 

(these are simple 4 strand bracelets)

  • Large 8 strand is 4.00
(this is a simple 8 strand)

  • I also do custom bracelets for $1:00 more the original price.
  • If you want neon bracelets, it costs $1.00 more per string on the custom price.
  • I also do flats with a minimum of 4 strings ($4.00)

(these are a advanced flat bracelet at approximately $5.00) 

Please E-mail me with any orders and send money to my address which I might give you in a return E-mail.

I have 2 e-mails.

Here is my fav. Olizandri video(s).

Here signs of Amnesia flower

sales person of bracelets

cake lover

of awesomeness


I found this on youtube. Its sort of inappropriate but funny all the same. DO NOT WATCH IF YOU ARE IMPREPARED OR UNDER AGE 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

My First Blog

Hello, my fellow bloggers!

My name is Amnesia flower.

I am just a normal person. sorry but I cant give you any well... personals right now...
So!How ya doing!This is sort of fun, just being able to tell people about myself. I just like expressing myself like any normal Girl.

My Information...

Well to start I am going to state that almost ALL my information is false so I can be protected from any figuring out who I am.  But I could be any one. I could even be your best friend!

Well my life is not all secret...

Because I will consider you ALL my friends. Some may say that i have not yet faced the hostilities of the world. But I am myself and that's all that matters.This is information that you will all find out in time. So... Here is some of my information. (this part is not affected by the earlier statement about my information being false.) This is actually a big secret for me. I am a legend of Zelda fan.  Watch Olizandri's video (posted here). This is why I am a zelda fan.
Olizandri's EPIC lets play (do not continue on blog until finished this video and maybe more.)

THIS GUY IS HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Have more secrets...

I'm not sure if I am ready to share them yet. Lets just say i'm not he strongest girl you would ever meet. (I mean that physically and mentally) 

Bracelets , Camp , Olizandri , what more am I doing?

Well to explain that heading, I am selling Kumihimo (kumihimo on wikipedia ) Braclets to go to my $500.00 DREAM camp.

Oh... I have to go... Night fellow bloggers!