Tuesday, February 5, 2013

LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

I Have A Idea!

Yes, as stated in the sub-heading, I Amnesia Flower, Has an idea. At the beggining of every NEW post, I will have a picture. Is that a good idea? Please post a comment. I read every comment that is in my blog.
So... Moving on...

My friends...

I have a lot of friends. Here are there names.
  • Suki Larson
  • Meagan Donegal (nicknamed  Morag)
  • Kat peringer
  • Emma ducile
  • Taylor donoldson (Kats Boyfriend)
  • Tyrell Davidson (Suki's Boyfriend)
  • Kyle Larson (Suki's Brother)
  • Angela Donegal (Morag's sister)
  • Luke peringer (Kat's Brother)
  • Sir Fuzzy Butt (my Sister)
Man, I have a lot of friends.


Yes I sell Bracelets for money so I can go to camp.I want to go to Shoshone Ranch Camp. Here's a link to the home page.Camp.I sell my Bracelets for...

  • Small 4 strand is $2.00 

(these are simple 4 strand bracelets)

  • Large 8 strand is 4.00
(this is a simple 8 strand)

  • I also do custom bracelets for $1:00 more the original price.
  • If you want neon bracelets, it costs $1.00 more per string on the custom price.
  • I also do flats with a minimum of 4 strings ($4.00)

(these are a advanced flat bracelet at approximately $5.00) 

Please E-mail me with any orders and send money to my address which I might give you in a return E-mail.

I have 2 e-mails.


Here is my fav. Olizandri video(s).

Here signs of Amnesia flower

sales person of bracelets

cake lover

of awesomeness


I found this on youtube. Its sort of inappropriate but funny all the same. DO NOT WATCH IF YOU ARE IMPREPARED OR UNDER AGE 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. yah....WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. you were thinking "out loud"!! :)